Delivering Supply Chain Performance at a Profit


A Focussed One-Day Conference


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This one-day conference is aimed at organizations involved in sustainment of complex systems. With complexity comes risk and buyers increasingly demand more capability for less money including "risk budgets" whose importance grows with belt-tightening. You can tame the risk/reward equation by timely, intelligent use of advanced logistics modeling. These tools allow you to explore, in a benign synthetic environment, different support solutions and the risks associated with a variety of scenarios. Hundreds of options can be tested quickly and easily to establish how different cost and performance  drivers interact, enabling engineering, supply and financial managers to home in on a risk/price sweet spot that suits both your appetite an that of your customers.

 Among several tools available for assessing requirements and risks, TFD's new multi-period spares optimization model not only simplifies difficult multi-period computational problems, but fixes errors that are unavoidable with conventional, steady-state spares optimization models. This free, one-day event will highlight successful case studies, give you a complete introduction to TempoTM and give you an opportunity to network with both our distinguished guests and other professioonals in your field. Attendees will be given copies of Tempo software.

 Who Should Attend?

Program Managers and Sustainment Executives - to understand how models can help your decisions process

Supply Chain Planners and Modelers - to understand how Tempo overcomes many of the problems imposedby steady state spares models.

Attendance is free.

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9:00 to 9:15       Registration

9:15 to 9:45       Welcome and Introductions

9:45 to 10:45     Delivering Supply Chain Performance and Profit

10:45 to 11:00   Coffee Break

11:00 to 12:00   Introduction to TempoTM

12:00 to 1:30     Lunch

1:30 to 2:30       TempoTM Demonstration

2:30 to 2:45       Coffee Break

2:45 to 4:30       Questions and Discussion

 This informative event is intended to familiarize inventory planners with the staet-of-the-art in inventory optimization. With the cancellation of most MIL standards in the mid-90s. DOD ushered in an era when military systems were subject to the same part life cycle that commercial systems have lived with for many years. As a trechnological advances occur, market-driven technological obsolescence becomes a bigger and bigger problem. Steady state spares optimization models cannot deal with this and other time-based phenomena, simply because they don't recognize time at all. Tempo can deal woth obsolescence. It will show you how to stop wasting money on parts that will be removed from inventory long before the system reaches its life limit. Tempo will help you understand and minimize the life cycle cost of spares.

But time-based sparing errors aren't the only thing Tempo can help with. Most programs call for the delivery of systems over a number of years. During the period of production and delivery, almost all the things that drive spares choices will change. Fleets build up, configurations change, parts become more - or less - reliable, deployments occur and bases are changed. Yet the spares planner has to determine what spares to buy in the first period, knowing that all these changes may invalidate his choices in the coming periods. The most complex delivery, deployment, operating schedule and configuration change scenarios can be modelled with precision and give you confidence that no better spares buy can be found to fit your situation.