Highly Commended - UKCeB 2016 Excellence Award

TFD Europe, DSL, Dstl and Army HQ

Optimising Equipment Support Solutions to Maximise Combat Power on Operations

Judges' Summary

  • Significant data gathering and evidence collection
  • Enables clear analysis of support model options
  • Significant data analytics component
  • Providing credible insights into a complex area previously fraught with subjectivity

Entrant's Summary

Dstl Research Project – Optimising Equipment Support Solutions to Maximise Combat Power on Operations - TFD Europe in conjunction with HQ Army Equipment Support, Dstl, DSL (QinetiQ and SVGC)

With the background of a return to contingency operations, Army Equipment Support (Land) Capability Planning Group (CPG) wanted to fully understand the implications of adopting, or not, first to fourth level repair support solutions across all relevant scenarios of planning and operations. Following some earlier Operational Analysis research by Dstl a new task was raised that would examine whether the REME has the correct and most cost effective support solution at the appropriate repair level.

The challenge was to address a compoUKCebAwardPicund lack of objective data and metrics of sufficient accuracy and quality, robust and repeatable evidence to support decision making, and methods, models and tools. This meant that deciders, rather than making evidenced-based decisions, were often using Military
Judgement Panels.

TFD, DSL, Dstl and Army HQ collaborated in a fully open manner to derive an approach to and then design, execute and exploit advanced logistics modelling to deliver a 'sandpit' that could be used to explore and test combinations of operational scenarios and support solution strategies.