About TFD Group

TFD Group provides world-class software, consultation, database management and training for logistic and cost analysts throughout the world.

Our software tools are acknowledged as the world’s best practice implementations of fundamental analytical methods for total ownership cost analysis, spares optimization, level of repair analysis, logistic support analysis, reliability modeling and associated disciplines.

Our consulting staff are highly specialized, dedicated workers used to the "drop everything and go" discipline of modern business requirements. Equipped with our powerful tools, they can bring efficient solutions to massive problems in days that will defy solution by others for months.

The TFD Data Vault is a common-source, multi-product data repository optimized for use with logistic analytical tools, ours or other's . It facilitates fast transfer of data between applications, fulfilling the CALS goal of creating data once and reusing it many times. These attributes make it the ideal backbone for tailored modeling environments and decision support systems.

Our training and seminars provide a full range of training for logistics professionals, from public 3-day, intensive short courses by the premier experts in their fields to hands-on training in the use of our software products.

The Group consists of five companies strategically located around the world:

TFD also has close associations and representation partnerships with: