TFD offers several white papers and product brochures to download for easy perusal.

White Papers


Product Brochures

Accounting for Time in Inventory Planning: Updating Spares Optimization Theory MAAP ® Platform for Program Success
"Affordable Capability – TFD Group and the Art of the Possible"  VMetric ®the world’s foremost strategic inventory optimization tool
"Autonomic Logistic Analysis" (also available inJapanese) EDCAS ® the international standard for front-end analysis
"Capability Support Management Decision Making - Navigating the Minefield" and Powerpoint Presentationby TFD Europe Managing Director John Sharp 

SCO™ - Support Chain Optimization continuously optimizes your inventory to meet performance goals with precision and low cost

CASE - "Collaborative Acquisition and Sustainment Environment" Tempo  ® - the first breakthrough in Spares Optimization in 35 years - Accounting for time in Inventory Planning
"Event-Based Through-Life Cost Management"  
"Holding PBL to its Promise – the Analytical Challenge"  

"Leveraging Total Ownership Cost Analysis to Optimize In-Service R&M Programs"

"On Managing Suppliers in a PBL Environment"  
SIM - A Modeling Platform for Systems with Life Limited, Serial Tracked Parts