Q: We need to know what the initial spares package should be for a new system, what product should I use?

A: VMetric is used for determining optimal initial provisioning spares packages.

Q: How do we determine what an engineering design change will do to the system costs?

A: EDCAS will allow you to make part trade-offs to determine the cost changes do to a design change.

Q: We are working on proposal and need to know the total ownership cost of for the program, can you help?

A: MAAP is the software solution for used to account for the total ownership cost of a system. Also, our consulting servicescan assist you in the proposal preparation process. Our consulting has been proven to be the deciding factor in awarding contracts to many of our clients.

Q: Which product will help me manage my day to day inventory management decisions?

A: SCOis our support chain optimization product used for day to day inventory management.

Q: We need a system to store our logistics and engineering data, can you help?

A: The TFD Data Vault can be used to warehouse your data. We can also create interfaces to easily feed the database from external sources.

Q: Does TFD have any new products in development?

A: Yes. TFD is currently working on a new product named Tempo which advances the state of spares optimization by recognizing the economic impact of time on inventory decisions.