For over three decades, TFD Group’s team of experts have been offering world class consulting services. We perform any level consulting desired as to aide you with the task relating to Total Life Cycle support, Performance Based logistics, Spares Optimization and any sustainment program requirement to increase readiness and decrease cost. With diversified expertise, unmatched years of field experience and equipped with TFD Group’s powerful suite of tools, our team of consultants are fit to bring effective and efficient solutions to any client problem promptly and professionally. Discerning between good data and bad data is not always easy, nor is it always done. Our consultants are trained to not only know the difference, but are provided with the TFD tools, discerning the good data from the bad, ensuring decisions are made informatively with special attention paid to the dynamic possibilities that will inevitably bear on future decision making. TFD Group’s consultancy is a service that continues benefiting our clients long into the future.

In addition, our consultants are experienced in assisting in proposal preparation, preparation of logistic program contract data requirement listing (CDRLs) and preparation of PBL environment by development of contract metrics, planning and execution tools. Throughout TFD Group’s history, our consulting has been proven to be the deciding factor in the awarding of contracts to our clients. Our consultancy in addition to our expert analysis can be the defining factor in the awarding of your next contract.