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"Tempo – the first breakthrough advancement in the science of Readiness Based Sparing optimization in over 30 years!"

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TFD Group Releases Tempo® – The multi-year spares optimization tool

Carmel,CA – TFD Group, the leading global provider of weapons system modeling software, today released - Tempo®, a new software product for spares optimization. Building on VMetric®, the market leading solution for spares optimization on multi-system, multi-sites trategic inventory, Tempo® applies the effects of time into the optimization environment. Tempo®, although based on the modern version of the VARI-METRIC calculating engine, takes into account predictable changes in hardware as well as the foreseeable changes inoperations and support.

While VMetric® has become the standard tool for spares optimization for complex systems, Tempo takes into account the changes over time in those complex systems. Tempo explicitly handles the inevitable effects of obsolescence and the changes in reliability and price fluctuations through the life of a weapon system. Tempo® simplifies themodeling of new-fleet build-up and old-fleet retirement scenarios resulting ina more accurate optimization of spares requirements creating tremendous budget savings.

Miguel Foncerrada, TFD Group's Director of Development said: "Tempo takes the current standard of inventory optimization to a whole other level – by applying the inevitable effects of time to spares modeling it provides the most complete and realistic view of the operational environment and provides the optimal spares solution."

Tempo was designed with the input of key customers in the Aerospace industry and executedsubstantial beta testing where market-driven features and functionality were incorporated.

Price and Availability

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