At this year’s Performance Based Logistics conference in Washington, D.C., Mr. Paul Madaio presented “Recent Innovations in Readiness Based Logistics Planning.” The presentation detailed TFD Group’s history of leading innovation in Performance Based Logistics methodology and software development. Mr. Madaio also unveiled TFD Group’s newest product, TEMPO, which revolutionizes the way Performance Based Logistics is understood and implemented. Speaking before some of the world’s leading PBL practitioners and innovators, Mr. Madaio demonstrated a software tool that finally recognizes the impact of time on inventory decisions, specifically concerning phase-in and phase out of system fleets. Mr. Madaio suggested that when a part’s useful life differs from that of the system, a long-term steady state model provides inaccurate advice to the decision maker. TEMPO, on the other hand, recognizes and accounts for long lead-time trade-offs, technology insertion, mid-life upgrades and late life spares requirements, offering the decision maker answers that reflect the real value of the part given its time-limited utility.

To learn more about Mr. Madaio’s presentation “Recent Innovations in Readiness Based Logistics Planning,” or TEMPO, please contact Mr. Madaio at +1.401.519.3729 or through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .