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Defence Security and Equipment

International Exhibition DSEi

11 September 2013


For immediate release

TFD Group launches its new spares optimisation software Tempo®

At DSEi today TFD Group, the world leader in the development of analytical methods and decision support software tools and services for hardware systems operators and supporters launches Tempo – the TFD engine for multi-period optimisation.

Tempo is the next generation of spares forecasting and optimisation tools.  All the current spares optimisation tools on the market assume long-term, steady-state scenarios in which the conditions remain unchanged forever.  In the real world, the situation always changes as basing, activity levels, support arrangements and, indeed, the hardware itself evolve.  Steady-state tools are not able to distinguish between average performance and the specific peaks and troughs within each period on which contract management criteria and payments are usually based.  Simulation can evaluate the impact of a planned spares package under alternative scenarios but cannot re-optimise the package.  For complex long-term Performance Based Logistics contracts, these real word changes and random variations create significant performance and financial risk that current tools simply cannot address leading to high risk margins and pricing.   Until now, the only way to approach this problem has been to conduct multiple runs to build an iterative quasi-optimised solution for each stage based on the results of the last run.  This repetitive approach is laborious, time-consuming and prone to error.

CEO of TFD Group Robert Butler said: Tempo changes the optimisation game by addressing directly the complex impact of time. Tempo spares optimisation takes account not only of foreseeable changes in the operating and support scenario but looks forward to predictable changes in the hardware attributes that drive spares choices.  For the first time, the impact of technological obsolescence and remaining system life can be applied to spares purchasing decisions, minimising the waste from buying too many parts whose useful life will be short. Tempo creates a complex calendar of all the changes – both foreseeable and predictable – and automatically manages them to reduce time, analytical labour and the errors introduced by my laborious and less accurate approachesBy addressing time directly, Tempo provides a real edge in contract pricing”.

About TFD Group

TFD Group based in Carmel, California is the world leader in the development of analytical methods and software decision support tools for hardware system planners, developers, operators and maintainers who use TFD products and services in military and commercial environments to support both strategic planning and tactical execution.

TFD has more than a thousand software installations & license holders worldwide including Europe, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Japan, Korea, Australia, Canada, UAE, South Africa, China, Taiwan and Singapore.  TFD clients include many military agencies, most of the significant aerospace and defence companies and commercial organisations including UK MOD, FMV Sweden, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumman, BAE SYSTEMS, Raytheon, Boeing, General Dynamics, Thales, EADS, Bell Helicopter, Parker Hannifin, the military departments of some 15 countries, NASA, ESA and US Coast Guard.

TFD Tools

TFD tools are in use world-wide on many equipment systems: aircraft, communications networks, tanks, ships, weather and other monitoring stations and trains.  In addition to Tempo, the tools include:

EDCAS®- the international standard for front-end cost and level of repair analysis. The model has been applied successfully to the task of optimising the design and support of a wide variety of complex systems produced over the past two decades.

VMetric® - to plan competitively low-cost spares lists, identify inadequate or expensive spares recommendations and be sure of achieving target fill rate or availability levels.

MAAP® - a deterministic, event-based Total Ownership Cost model to provide the most reliable cost forecasts available and accurate resource requirements by time period and real-world location.

SIM - an event-driven Life Cycle Cost tool, based on MAAP, designed for the management of serialized and lifed parts and complex environments such as for aero-engines.

SCO - a support chain optimisation tool for use by inventory managers who wish to accomplish continuous optimization of their inventory choices.

TFD Data Vault- a common source database, optimised for use with analytical processes, to support both TFD products and those of other providers.

Bespoke, tailored Logistic Decision Support Systems - the tools above, combined with 3rd party software and informal customer-developed tools can be combined into an automatically updating logistic analytical infrastructure tailored to the specific data sources and work flow of any given customer requirement.

TFD Expertise and Services

TFD employs people with great experience and expertise not only in software development but in economics, mathematics, logistics and engineering.  What is unique is that TFD has brought these disciplines together and applied them to design, develop and support proprietary software tools that are aimed specifically at hardware systems design and in service support decision makers.

This expertise is available to customers as consulting and managed services.  Services range from high end advice and guidance for strategic planning of logistics support system networks and architectures to integrating TFD tools the TFDdV into customers’ IT architecture, to building, running and analysing results from TFD analytical tools.

In addition, where our generally fixed format tools cannot be easily adapted for a customer’s new requirement, we use other modelling and simulation software to rapidly develop, prove and run models for decision support not only in hardware systems operations and support but also in other often equally demanding areas such as Human Capabilities.


For more information and further details, contact:

Pete Abbey, TFD Europe Ltd 01603 726660 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

TFD Group website www.tfdg.com