TFD Group has a first-class working relationship with its client base, as testified by the numerous satisfied testimonials received. Here are some examples:

Elaine Morris, Logistic Analysis, Institute Benign
"I would recommend TFD Group software to anyone who is looking for accurate spare optimization."

Jim Brunick, Value Engineering Sr. Staff, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
"TFD Group technical expertise and support has been outstanding . I want to thank all TFD staff, especially Kevin Griffiths, for the fantastic support of Lockheed Martin’s requirements and contributing to our goals of in decreasing sustainment cost."

Matthew Arnold, System Engineering, PEO Aviation
"I want to thank everyone at TFD Group for a very informative and comprehensive briefing…. TFD Group has demonstrated why they are one of the leading companies in sustainment solutions."

Reginald Soubry, Senior Analyst, Logistical Support, Montreal Transport Corporation, offers another example regarding the modeling of prototypes with VMetric:
"I have just completed a week of the STM's maintenance environment and performance data analysis, modeling with the VMetric tool ... The work accomplished [will] be invaluable to me in the coming months, as it has given me an even better understanding of how to properly translate my operational support structure and data into the model...."
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