TFD Group is not only dedicated to providing you with cutting-edge logistic management software solutions, including strategic planning modeling and tactical process management, and cost analysis tools, but also with the services necessary to utilize our tools most effectively. With tailored interfaces and pre-loaded TFD Group Databases specific to your system(s), TFD Group offers the support for good data, essential for timely analysis and informed decision making. Coupling our high quality software tools with our invaluable implementation services is precisely what makes TFD Group the marquee provider of software and database management, for logistics and reliability and cost professionals throughout the world.

Tailored Interfaces - TFD Group is ready to assist you by developing a business process model(s), study your data flow requirements and harmonize the data dictionaries of all the applications and databases you want to integrate.

Data Loading - We can provide TFD Group Database pre-loaded with data describing your system or systems, ready for analysis.