Course Details

This course is aimed at new users of MAAP®. It covers the general theory of analytical model and the role of MAAP in the TFD Suite; a detailed tour through all aspects of the software, interspersed with practical exercises to ensure that participants are comfortable in the modeling environment; discussion of the use of MAAP in dealing with real-world problems, illustrated with case studies; and general comments on how to approach analytical problems.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to understand the basic principles of activity analysis, resource analysis, and cost analysis. Then be able to use the facilities of MAAP to perform the activity, resource and cost analysis.

Course Outline

Section 1: Models and MAAP

  • Model Classes
  • Introduction to MAAP
  • Summary of Technical Model Features
  • MAAP - Model structure

Section 2: Data Import

  • Importing data from MIL-STD-1388 2B sources
  • Importing data from other sources using the MAAP TFD Common Format template

Section 3: Data entry and Edit

  • Using the MAAP User Interface to enter and edit data

Section 4: Implementing scenarios

  • Using MAAP to model different scenarios

Section 5: Running MAAP

  • Running the MAAP engine in its various analytical modes

Section 6: MAAP Output

  • Viewing the output from each of the MAAP analytical modes

Section 7: Maintaining MAAP Databases

  • Setting the configuration options
  • Using the maintenance utilities

Section 8: Sample problems

  • Examples of problem solving and decision support using MAAP

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