Techysky logoTechysky Ltd. of TS group is the sole agency for all products of TFD Group for the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong areas. Techysky Ltd. is dedicated to popularize advanced ILS IT based optimal applications and practices to administration and business innovations in various industries, and it provides ILS software, related services and solutions. Techysky Ltd. is one of the biggest providers of ILS software in China.

ILS business in Techysky Ltd. involves more than 40 employees, and is comprised of sales, marketing, R&D center (a team composed of professors, doctors and masters) and a specialized ILS technology service team. To trace and accelerate development of ILS technology, Techysky Ltd. set up the ILS co-lab and ILS Training Center with Beihang University, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, and the Academy of Armored Forces Engineering. Through introduction and promotion of advanced technology, advanced concepts and practical experience, Techysky Ltd. provides our industry customers, manufacturers and enterprises with High-quality technology and consulting services.

Main products and services are:

  • ILS software solutions: With the actual needs of users, to provide the best cost-effective and comprehensive ILS software solutions.
  • Project services: We have specialized technical service team, providing users with services such as IETM project implementation and ILS project implementation. With our services, users not only can get satisfactory accomplishments, but also can master the engineering methods of the right field.
  • Professional Training: Techysky summarizes theoretical methods and engineering experience, and makes up a set of practical training course system, including basic theory, project implementation, ILS software utilization and so on. Through professional training, users’ ILS theory and design can be improved in a shortest time.
  • Technical Consulting: Techysky provides customers with ILS solutions and IETM implementation concepts which are applied to existing design system and potential demands. By technical consulting, users can master their own demands and the appropriate solutions quickly and accurately.

As the leader of domestic ILS field, our customers are mainly in fields like electronics, ships, aviation, aerospace and so on. So far, we have provided more than 40 customers with professional products, comprehensive ILS solutions with excellent ILS related technological supports and services. At the same time, we receive recognizing and compliments from customers.

Techysky Limited (HK)
Unit A, 29/F
CKK Commercial Centre
289 Hennessy Road Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Techysky Limited (Beijing)
Room 2102/03, Tower A
Jin Yu Guo Ji Plaza
No48 West Wangjing Road
Chao Yang District, Beijing, P.R.China