About TFD Global


TFD began business in 1976 in Santa Monica, California USA as a defence economics consultancy. Initial work led to the development of what became EDCAS – the Equipment Designer’s Cost Analysis System.

In 1985, Systems Exchange Inc was founded to take forward software concepts and prototypes for wider commercial use.  In the early 1990s in collaboration with Craig Sherbrooke as the originator of the VariMetric approach to spares modelling using marginal analysis techniques, the VMetric inventory optimisation tool was created. Developments also included the concept of adopting a central common source and structured database as a central analytical data hub to feed all the applications, including future developments, from data sources. This concept later became the TFD Data Vault (TFD dV).

Systems Exchange Inc relocated to Monterey in 1992 and rebranded as TFD Group. TFD Services Ltd, later called TFD Europe Ltd, was formed in 1995 in Norwich, UK with TFD Africa formed in 2001 in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa.

In 1996, TFD developed the MAAP activity-based cost analysis tool to support its work on the LPD-17, San Antonio class for the US Navy. MAAP remains at the forefront of current logistic planning and cost estimation methodology. Since then, further new products have been developed including:

  • The next generation of inventory optimization tool, Tempo, to deal automatically with non-steady state scenarios
  • Support Chain Optimization (SCO) tool to evaluate and prioritise potential solutions to real-world situations to provide tactical management for in-service control
  • Serialised Item Management (SIM) to plan logistic resources for serialised parts such as repair and overhaul of modular aero-engine including real world issues such as Foreign Object Damage, birdstrikes, secondary damage and Minimum Issue Lives.
  • TFD has also built bespoke solutions for specific customer’s decision support needs.

In November 2022, Andromeda Systems Incorporated (ASI) acquired all of TFD. ASI will retain and grow the TFD Brand to provide Supportability software, services, consultancy and training solutions to build upon experience in the US, UK, Japan, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa markets.

TFD Global

TFD will operate within ASI’s wider business under the new title of TFD Global (TFDG) with a truly international customer footprint. TFD’s solutions, products and services will be delivered through regional business operations.

  • ASI – Orange Park, Florida
  • TFD Global – Norwich, UK as the core of the TFD Brand
  • TFD Europe – Norwich, UK
  • TFD Africa – Pretoria, Republic of South Africa
  • TFD Asia– Tokyo, Japan

To support TFD’s activities worldwide, TFD also has associations and representation partnerships with:

  • TFD Japan – a wholly-owned Japanese company alongside EVA Aviation – Tokyo, Japan
  • QVISE – Karachi, Pakistan

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Further information about TFD tools, techniques, and methodology can be found on our downloads page.