Technical Support

Whilst all TFD software comes complete with built-in on-line user help and guidance, we recommend that all users take advantage of the training provided by our team of experienced logistics professionals. However, even for the trained and experienced user, there will be occasions when they may need external support to assist with matters affecting their experience.

When you purchase any TFD software, you will also benefit from a complimentary 90-days of Technical Support. However, to ensure that our Customers continue to receive these benefits, we also recommend that they subscribe to our Technical Support Service.

The benefits of TFD’s Technical Support Service include:

  • Telephone hotline support during normal office hours
  • Advice on product utilization for your trained users
  • Off-site assistance with data loading to TFD products
  • Assistance with the resolution of user introduced errors or anomalies
  • Investigation, identification, resolution and feedback on reported software anomalies
  • Problem reporting capability, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

In addition to continually seeking to improve our software’s functionality and user experience, our own team of software developers and programmers are on hand to investigate software anomalies and to deliver improvements through the development of fixes and upgrades. All Customers subscribing to the TFD Technical Support Service will receive free regular software upgrades, including all new version releases, new developments and software fixes.

Further information about TFD tools, techniques, and methodology can be found on our downloads page.