RCM Analyzer

Reliability Centered Maintenance Software

Perform RCM Analysis to Identify Failure Modes and to Determine Optimum Maintenance Strategies.

About RCM Analyzer

RCM Analyzer is a web-based software application designed to assist in performing RCM analysis and provide a repository for analysis decisions that are easily reviewed as needed. It supports an RCM analysis process compliant with SAE JA1011 and NAVAIR 00-25-403.

RCM Analyzer software running on an iPad

RCM Analyzer Features

Utilizes the 7-Step SAE JA1011 RCM process


PerformRCM analysis to identify failure modes and determine optimum maintenance strategies.

Develop hardware hierarchies

Upload and store supporting source data (such as spreadsheets and graphics) for each failure mode

Cut, copy, and paste large parts of analysis within projects and to add from other projects (project templating)

Compare cost and downtime of various failure management strategies to identify the preferred option
Package tasks into an efficient maintenance plan

Track changes to the analysis over time through revision management

Manage workflow of the RCM project


Full integration with the OptiAM® Enterprise Asset Managementsuite
Tablet with RCM Analyzer software running

Benefits of Using RCM Analyzer

  • Save time and effort in the data entry and analysis processes with an easy to use intuitive interface
  • Minimize downtime and operating costs by identifying an optimal preventive maintenance program
  • Minimize setup time and cost through a web-based SaaS platform
  • Increase efficiency through a secure internet accessible system
  • Eliminate duplication of effort through a shared data model
  • Reduce training and problem-resolution time with professional technical support and expertise
  • Improve RCM project efficiency with embedded project management tools and reports

Who’s using RCM Analyzer?

U.S. Navy, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, airlines, mining companies, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) organizations, workboat operators among other industries.

Where has RCM Analyzer been utilized?

RCM Analyzer has been used successfully on a variety of asset types including:

  • Aircraft and vehicle fleets
  • Facilities and data center
  • Mining equipment
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Power generation

How does RCM Analyzer work?

The RCM Analyzer uses the 7-Step SAE JA1011 RCM process to perform RCM analysis to identify failure modes and determine optimum maintenance strategies. Compare cost and downtime of various failure management strategies to identify the preferred management options. Utilize the cut, copy, and paste feature to reuse analysis within projects and from other projects to significantly reduce analysis efforts.

With the RCM Analyzer you can manage analysis workflow and approval processes and access technical and project management reports for insight into RCM analysis progress and realized benefits. The revision management capabilities allow you to evaluate preventive maintenance (PM) task changes over time and provide an audit trail to your PM program.

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    RSM Analyzer Software Guide

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