TFD Data Vault

The Comprehensive, Robust, Common-source Repository of Logistic Data

Can’t See the Wood for the Trees?

You cannot find the logistics data you need?

Your logistics data is incomplete, incoherent and inaccurate?

You’re spending too much time collecting and collating logistics data?

You have too much logistics data to manage and control?

You don’t know which dataset to use?

Logistic data is typically drawn from many and varied sources with disparate original purposes. It is often inconsistent, incoherent, incomplete and frequently inaccurate. The capturing, collating, assuring and assembling of conflicting data from multiple sources to identify and select the true data for analysis and decision-making can be difficult, time-consuming and repetitive.

Fortunately, TFD has developed and evolved the TFD Data Vault (TFD dV) as the single dependable source of trusted logistic data in a true relational database that has been specifically designed to contain the data needed for logistic decision-making. At the core of all tools within the TFD Supportability Workbench, the TFD dV applies rigorous data validation on entry against business rules that ensure logic, consistency, coherence and completeness. It also applies a Data Quality Attribute to each and every field, to protect the integrity of your cleansed data from corruption introduced through subsequent updates.​

Once populated within the TFD dV, your assured data is protected in one single location and available for use and dependable reuse by any of the tools within the TFD Supportability Workbench. Once your initial data set has been constructed, TFD can help you create automated or semi-automated interfaces to your original data sources to enable you to keep your data set current. For large applications containing many systems, we have also developed the TFD Database Executive (TDX); a powerful and cost-effective software utility to help you manage and maintain the TFD dV in a natural and intuitive way.​

The TFD dV has been specifically designed and evolved over 40+ years to contain all of the data needed for logistics analysis and modelling.

Data Vault Dashboard


Collate the data needed for logistics analysis and modelling for multiple systems

Controlled data storage

Centrally managed logistic data

Protecting your investment in good quality and trustworthy data

TFD dV – The Comprehensive, Robust,
Common-source Repository for Logistic Data

Further information about TFD tools, techniques, and methodology can be found on our downloads page.