Supportability Audit

Allowing for Effective Decision Support

Is your system failing to meet its operational targets?

Are you struggling to deliver support within budget?

Is it time to seek assurance that your support solution is still relevant, with cost and performance optimized?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, then TFD is here to help.

We are often aware of the ‘headline’ issues that appear to be affecting logistics support performance. Buying more is a typical reaction, but was that the right thing to do? Has the root cause actually been identified? Trying to identify the true cost drivers is often like looking for a ‘needle in a haystack’. Even if you can find the needle, how can you be confident that that your proposed solution is actually going to make a difference?

Supportability Audit is a proven technique used by TFD to help our Customers identify and better understand the drivers affecting the Cost and Performance of their support systems. With over 40 years experience of supporting businesses and government organizations in their logistics decision making, TFD uses the proprietary tools contained within the TFD Supportability Workbench to support drive-down analysis and improvement evaluation. Supportability Audit will also allow our Customers to identify and quantify the cost and performance benefits of improvement candidates prior to making expensive and potentially risky operational, investment and organizational decisions.

TFD Supportability Audit


Identifying the Problems

Availability and Cost Improvement Opportunities

Do More for Less leading to Smarter Ownership

Further information about TFD tools, techniques, and methodology can be found on our downloads page.