Bespoke Solutions

For over 40 years, our Customers have seen an evolution in the scope and functionality of the software tools in the TFD Supportability Workbench. In addition to accommodating technological advancement, our tools have continued to develop in response to changes in the logistics environment, as well as changes in our Customers’ needs and working practices.

Whilst the TFD Supportability Workbench provides a comprehensive suite of tools with in-built reporting and options for importing data and exporting results, the data environment is becoming increasingly complex with system data being drawn from a multitude of sources (such as ERP, PDM, Asset Management Systems, Transaction Management Systems, and Usage Monitoring Systems) and in different formats. Organizations also have a growing diversity of reporting requirements and formats, often requiring their analysis outputs being fed into 3rd Party analysis and BI tools. Unfortunately, the traditional approaches for collating, compiling, reformatting and transferring your logistics data can be both time consuming and inherently risky.

Here at TFD, we recognize the importance of timely, quality data and the need to maximize your experience of using our tools. Our team of logistics professionals and developers have proven experience of helping customers to optimize their business data process models and in developing bespoke data interfaces, tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Are you struggling to understand how to approach, quantify or evaluate your logistics conundrum? Are you unable to find the right tool to help you do the job? Tell us about your problem and we’ll try to help. If the answer isn’t already contained in TFD’s Supportability Workbench, then we’ll work with you to find the solution.

Further information about TFD tools, techniques, and methodology can be found on our downloads page.