Andromeda Systems Incorporated acquires TFD

Andromeda Systems Incorporated (ASI) is pleased to announce its acquisition of Tools for Decision (TFD) on November 17th, 2022. The acquisition includes TFD Group in the US, TFD Europe Ltd based in the UK, and a partial stake in TFD Africa. ASI will absorb US-based TFD assets directly into ASI, while TFD Europe Ltd will become a wholly owned subsidiary.

ASI will retain and expand the TFD brand to provide Supportability software, services, consultancy, and training solutions, building upon experience in the US, UK, Japan, the Middle East and Africa markets. The TFD brand will be integrated into ASI’s wider business offerings and marketed under the new title of TFD Global (TFDG).

The acquisition will bring together ASI’s capabilities in engineering, Supportability analysis, information technology and maintenance with TFD’s expertise in analytical methods and software tools for logistics decision support. Together, we will expand our solutions for optimized maintenance and support to reduce the cost and maximize the performance of fleets, plant, facilities, and critical infrastructure to get the most from physical assets at the lowest possible cost.

“We are very pleased to bring ASI and TFD together to further our vision of becoming a pre-eminent provider of Supportability and asset management related products and services across the globe.

ASI and TFD are both recognized for their competence in Supportability analysis and related disciplines with complementary skillsets, expertise, philosophies and approaches. We share a passion to help our customers optimize the support of their physical assets and fleets by developing cutting-edge solutions for Support problems.

Acquiring TFD will accelerate ASI’s growth worldwide by bringing additional expertise and knowledge to our team of experts and allow us to more compete effectively in the international marketplace. We look forward to doing great things together.”
– JC Leverette, Chief Operating Officer of ASI

The acquisition will take advantage of ASI’s larger and broader-based resources to exploit support to our customers worldwide and enable rapid development of TFD’s software capabilities to meet market desires.

“Our acquisition by ASI means that TFD Global will be able to improve our support to customers through improved coherence and flexibility available from enhanced resources of the wider organisation. ASI’s extensive and proven Support Engineering capabilities will now be available to customers in the UK, European and Japanese markets. We will also be able to enhance TFD software more rapidly to meet market desires.”
– Allan Goody, President of TFD Global

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